We chase blockchain
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world problems.

Blockshake's expertise is designing user-centric applications for open, decentralized protocols and new web3 futures. Our focus is on DEFI and governance within Algorand, a blockchain protocol known for its rock-solid design, 4-second finality, and high transaction bandwidth.

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Defly Wallet

Defly app

Defly Algorand Wallet bridges the gap between the comfort and usability of centralized exchanges and the security and independence of decentralized exchanges. The mobile Algorand wallet provides a unified user interface for analyzing the market, tracking wallet assets, and making trades.

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The Team

We have extensive experience in application development, server deployment, big data, machine learning, open source, academic research and business administration.

Blockshake Team: Otto Kreidl

Otto Kreidl

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Hannes Mitterer

Blockshake Team: Stefan Hechenberger

Stefan Hechenberger

Blockshake Team: Kevin Wellenzohn

Kevin Wellenzohn

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